Proof explorer

View the verification status of your proofs on NEBRA's proof explorer.

The proof explorer landing page displays information about the latest verified batches as well as statistics such as the total number of proofs/batches that UPA has verified so far, and how many proofs are pending. To view the status of all the proofs submitted for your circuit, enter your circuit ID into the search bar on the top right.

This will bring you to a page listing the status of each proof for this circuit, which is either:

  • VERIFIED - The proof is valid and has been aggregated into a verified batch on-chain.

  • PENDING - The proof has not been aggregated yet and may be either accepted or rejected.

  • REJECTED - The proof was invalid.

Click on the "Proof ID" links here or enter a proof ID in the search bar to see more information about an individual proof such as its corresponding public inputs.

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